Workouts that don’t break the bank

lifestyle July 16, 2017 10:35

By The Nation

With informal workouts gaining in popularity as Thais turn to walking, running, jumping, dancing and shaking to clear their minds and raise endorphin levels, the 2017 edition of the Asia Fitness Conference and Expo 2017 is encouraging all comers to “Be the Best that You Can Be.

Organised by Asia Exhibition Services in cooperation with Fitness Innovations (Thailand) and sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), the Office of the Prime Minister and the Sporting Trade Association, the 9thAsia Fitness Conference & Expo, taking place from October 6 to 8, 2017 at BITEC Bang Na, is placing emphasis on strong physical health

“The workout trend nowadays has changed. Some people walk into the gym and feel intimidated by the people and the equipment there so walk straight out again. But gyms are now adapting, opening their doors to those who prefer to exercise occasionally, without buying a full programme, and are offering more affordable prices,” says workout expert Fabio Comana. “It’s an easy workout you can do regularly and that plus moderate eating is the simplest way of caring for your health.”

Punjamaporn Ruangsuwan, an AFC 2017 presenter, demonstrated her “Piyo” workout to the media at the recent press conference for the expo.

“It is a combination of Pilates and Yoga, with great music that invites you to move to the rhythm and relax. To start, sit on the floor, lift both legs and stretch them forward, lift both arms in parallel with the legs, turn the body to the left, spread the arms apart, lift the left leg, breathe in and out, then lift the right leg , and repeat. Do this for about 45-60 minutes on a daily basis. This kind of exercise helps to firm up the muscles and increases flexibility.”

Natthapong Champachan, another AFC 2017 presenter, showed his ‘Pound Pro’ workout involving a drumstick-like ‘Ripstix’ and music for relaxation.

“It’s a new workout trend, a cardio workout combined with Pilates and Yoga moves, and arrived here at the end of last year. With this workout, you don’t need to worry about movement or basics at all; just move when the music starts. To start, sit down on the floor.  Hold your hands forward, hit the stick to the left and then the right. Lift the left leg and then the right and just move with the music. Do this for 15 or 30 or 45 minutes. This workout style helps firm your muscles and your abs while the music helps you destress.”

Visitors to the expo will have the chance to meet leading Thai and foreign trainers including Mike Fitch, founder of Animal Flow body weight training and calisthenics; Prof Ross Tucker, a world-renowned Sports Scientist Terry Eckmann, and Perry Nickelston, author of “Stop Chasing Pain : A Vital Guide to Healing Your Body”.

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