Free as a bird in Armani

lifestyle July 09, 2017 09:45

By The Nation

Italian luxury fashion house, Giorgio Armani Prive recently introduced its collection for autumn-winter 2017 in a celebrity-studded show held in a recreation of the Palazzo Orsini, home to the Milanese atelier.

Dubbed the “Mystery” collection, the silhouette is defined by close-fitting, low-necked jackets worn over men’s trousers, and skirts that are tapered, or gathered at the waist, crafted from special fabrics that accentuate their lightness

Pale hues are a hymn to nature and include wisteria, sky blue, magnolia, celadon and blue. Black is the element that enhances and transforms these dashes of colour, which appear to sketch floral patterns, or trace the flight paths of birds.  Reminiscent of bodies changed to other forms, this collection is full of distinctive pictorial transformation.

The unique workmanship can be seen in ribbons of black patent leather completely encrusted with crystals, the magic of transparencies and veils and the precious embroidery of haute couture, all of which evoke the image of a mysterious and sensual woman.