Disaya takes Japan by storm

lifestyle June 30, 2017 04:25


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Talented designer Disaya Sorakraikitikul is not only causing waves here in Thailand but also in Japan where she has recently opened boutiques showcasing Thai designer apparel in premium luxury shopping centres Mitsukoshi Ginza, Isetan and Hankyu as well as at several leading malls in Japan.

The brand, which is now 12 years old, also showcased its collection for autumn and winter at the “Disaya Exclusive Preview in Japan”, which was attended by Sakura Karugane, Jongkol Palarit, Mika Otani and Misha Janette among others. The event also had guests experiencing Japanese culture and tradition at an ikebana flowerarranging workshop held at the Hoshinoya Tokyo Hotel.

“Disaya brand was established because of my love for fashion design. Today, now that my designs are also accepted and loved by fashionistas in many countries, I feel very happy and proud. I am delighted too that we have been able to set up new boutiques in three premium shopping centres after passing the critical standards set by the Japanese authorities, which are among the most meticulous principles for quality in the global fashion industry. In addition to the factors of design and fabric quality, the Japanese team goes further into the more sophisticated techniques of tailoring and manufacturing and this is something on which we have focused for the past 12 years. I am proud that our dedicated hard work has paid off,” she said.

The new collection is inspired by the stilllife drawings of flowers by Dutch artists from the 17th century and it was this inspiration that was behind the holding of the workshop on Japanese traditional flower arrangement or ikebana. Involving more than just the artistically pleasing flower arrangement, the practice also reflects the peace and tranquillity of one’s mind as well as a balance in composition as demonstrated by ikebana master, Mika Otani.

A round of applause is due to Disaya for taking another successful step on the global stage and winning fashionistas’ hearts. Find out more at www.Disaya.com