All the colours of the rainbow

lifestyle May 17, 2017 13:50

By The Nation

Issey Miyake is inspired by natural phenomena for its pre-autumn 2017 collection, giving rise to an amazing technique that brings bolts of lightening and a rainbow to pleated dresses.

The tiedyed material was created using traditional techniques to resemble a bolt of lightning. Each piece is handsewn and the bleeding of colours is achieved by degrees of dye penetration. 

The Baked Stretch series, conceived from the image of a rainbow in the sky, uses seven coloured plates to express rich and rhythmical hues. The fabric shrinks and stretches each time the wearer moves, promoting waves of happiness around her. Steaming and stretching with a dynamic form that employs doublelayered frames makes the fabric half the usual thickness and this light, soft textile then produces outstanding colours.

The yarndyed series featuring a variety of stripes is woven using the natural fibres of linen and wool, as well as polyester. The distinctive texture, with a rough, uneven surface, creates a simple yet modern image. Some items can be arranged in two different ways.

Check out the Issey Miyake PreAutumn collection at Siam Discovery.