EU to host 5th European Food Festival in Vientiane

lifestyle May 04, 2016 14:58

By Vientiane Times

VIENTIANE - The fifth European Food Festival will take place in Vientiane on May 7 in the parking lot of the National Culture Hall on Samsaenthai Road, to celebrate the 66th anniversary of European Union Foundation Day or Europe Day.

The culinary event is organised under a joint initiative of the European Union Delegation, European Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Annam Fine Food and will showcase the diverse, rich and well-loved cuisine of the old continent that has been handed down over many generations and gained worldwide acclaim.
Speaking at a press conference yesterday, European Union Delegation Chargé d'AffairesMichel Goffin said this fifth European Food Festival will help to promote cultural cooperation and tourism in Vientiane and will include numerous activities, especially concerning food, with various food tents designed to match each country's most notable characteristics.
Drinks will be on sale including European wines and beverages, and there will be fun activities for children, as well as entertainment. Visitors will have the chance to win prizes in a lucky draw, including a round trip ticket to Europe.
The European Food Festival will highlight the sheer variety of restaurants found in Vientiane, which will all be at their creative best, so as to surprise and delight visitors of all ages.
More than 25 European restaurateurs and food vendors will be joining the festivities and guests will have a chance to enjoy a journey through the amazing culinary world of Europe.
Last year, the festival featured 34 booths which attracted about 2,000 people. This year's event will feature 46 booths, according to the organisers.
Since last year, seven more European restaurants have opened their doors, of which four will take part in this year's food festival.
The organisers also said one of the highlights will be performances of European music by Lao and European singers.
MrGoffin said Laos is not only well known for its natural resources and tourist attractions, but also for its good quality restaurants, which are acknowledged regionally and internationally.
He said more and more Lao people are attending the European Food Festival each year, contributing to cultural and tourism cooperation in Laos.
There are currently more than 120 restaurants in Laos that are owned by European nationals, mostly in LuangPrabang, Vientiane and Champassak provinces as well as the capital. These businesses contribute considerably to the promotion of tourism in Laos, local employment, and taxes paid to the government.
Also speaking at yesterday's press conference were the Executive Director of the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Laos, Ramon Bruesseler, and the Managing Director of Annam Fine Food, Benjamin Daout.