Hoping for a baby bump, Nat bumps bellies

lifestyle January 24, 2015 01:00

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IT’LL BE A year in April since actor Atichart “Aum” Chumnanont and singer Nat Myria Benedetti got married, but no sign of a baby yet, not that they’re feeling pressured to produce, says Aum. Quizzed about family plans by the press, he says they want to have a baby “as soon as possible” as long as it comes along naturally. “But we are seeing a doctor about it.” 
They might also be seeing a witch doctor, but their religious beliefs don’t extend quite that far. “We’ve offered prayers to the Emerald Buddha, the City Pillar god and at other sacred places we respect,” Aum says. 
Nat also tried another ancient trick, gently bumping her tummy against the baby that was then growing inside the belly of actress Taksaorn “Aff” Paksukcharern. The idea is that putting your womb in contact with the abdomen of a pregnant woman can make you pregnant too. 
We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt at least until their first anniversary in April.
Sek Loso gets boring
There’s news from rock star Seksan “Sek Loso” Sukpimai – but, no, resume your seats, because it’s not the least bit controversial. 
The subject of volumes of gossipy social-network posts and newspaper columns throughout 2014, not to mention police and psychiatric reports, Sek appears to have rediscovered one of life’s more normal paths. 
He’s announced with uncharacteristic calm that he’s signed actor-singer Amarin “Aum” Nitiphon as the first artist for his Yess Records label, a subsidiary of Loso Entertainment. Aum is migrating there from GMM Grammy’s Genie Records. 
And everything is quite peaceful on Sek’s Facebook page too. He’s regularly informing fans about the latest developments in business, not a whiff of rants or threats, not a glimpse of scary pictures. We already miss the old axe murderer.
It’s their job, after all
Hip-hop outfit Thaitanium is celebrating its 15th anniversary in the business by, uh, making more music.
Frontman Prinya “Way” Intachai says the group will issue a new disc this year. “We’ll release the first single, called ‘La la la’, in February,” he says. 
Then the boys will be in the studio for the second half of the year, presumably working on a full album. Way says preparations are well underway and fans can keep track of their progress at www.Thaitanium.biz. 
And, to bring this edition of Soopsip full circle, Way says a lot of people keep asking him whether he and his wife, Nana Rybena, are planning to have more kids now that they have the twins (a girl and a boy). The answer in this case, however, is no. He says they don’t want more children at the moment because they want to concentrate on properly raising the two they already have.
And that’s a nice answer, too. Dull, but nice.