• Klyduen (left) and Pimdao Sukhahuta

Making the most of the magic hour

fashion October 10, 2018 10:00


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Sretsis introduces its latest collection for the extraordinary day ahead

The founders of Thai fashion brand Sretsis have long believed that everyday is an extraordinary day and are underlining their conviction with a new collection – Magic Hour – that values every marvellous moment. 

Pimdao Sukhahuta, creative designer and founder, says Magic Hour references that brief moment a photographer has to capture the light after sunrise and before sunset. 

“At Sretsis we like to focus on living in the moment and celebrate the strength, femininity, and elegance of empowered women. I think the modern woman is capable of doing many things and playing many roles. She specifically chooses a perfect look according to the time of day,” she says.

The collection was launched recently at Central Embassy, with models and special guests, among them actor Sunny Suwanmethanon, surrounded by situations mimicking those brief seconds of magic.

“I’ve read an article written by a psychologist saying that the most important time of the day is the first hour after waking up. If we spend it wisely on our wellbeing, and yes, that means no electronic devices, it will maximise the remaining 23 hours. In this context, we have also expanded our line of active-wear for maximum wellbeing. The outfits can be worn as pyjamas on early or late-night flights so that no matter what the time, Sretsis women always look beautiful.”

The new collection of crisp corporate-inspired clothing has a structured couture shape and diaphanous fluidity. It features a wardrobe designed for starting the day and for the working hours in a colour palette of monochromatic black and white with pops of red. Houndstooth fabric adds a touch of masculinity, while tiny hearts on jacquard and velvet silk dresses in red bring a feminine touch. 

The day rolls into evening with structured metallic rose brocades mixed with basic knits, and dedicated Tulipa lace. Details include pearl cufflinks and wool as well as tiger print. 

“For celebrating the night and partying over Christmas or New Year, the iridescent colours of pink sunset to midnight sky are captured in the exclusive Magic Hour print on silk lurex,” Pimdao adds. 

“Another highlight is our collaboration with Carel, the classic French brand, on the limited-edition Kina shoe with three straps. The Kina model features new materials – velvet with golden and blue glitter in Sretsis style with lettering on the straps reading ‘Baby love’ and ‘Magic Shoe’ along with bow, heart-and-arrow decorated rose brocade slippers.”

Accessories include a triple day-to-night pearl chain necklace, bracelets and barrettes, along with gloves and pouches accented with feathers and diamante details. 

“To me, the magic hour is in the morning. Despite working in a very materialistic world, I like to meditate and swim when I get up. This puts me at ease and balances me out for the day ahead,” notes the creative designer.