Vickteerut reveals in pleasant memories

fashion August 01, 2018 01:00


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The latest clothing line - powered by BMW - harks back to childhood in a rustic French village

FASHION BRAND Vickteerut has dubbed its pre-autumn collection “The Wall and the Iris”, a reflection on the amazing sensational delicacy of the material used.

Backed by BMW Thailand, Niram Wattanasit and Vickteerut – led by its creative director Aurapraphan Sudhinaraset – recently hosted “Vickteerut Pre-Fall 2018 Collection and Flower Arrangement Workshop” at the Eden coffee shop on Bangkok’s Lanluang Road. 

Aurapraphan took as the conception point the notion of a woman who grew up in a small countryside village and then moved to the big city – Paris. 

Recalling childhood memories, she relives picturesque moments in her hometown, with its old stone walls and fresh green fields dotted with small flowers.

The clothes in the autumn collection are elegant and modern, reinterpreting French aesthetics in a contemporary way and bringing together contrasting elements old and new. 

The line includes satin dresses, draped crepe gowns, and a knitted bodysuit with a polo collar paired with flared pleated trousers.

There’s a cropped bolero jacket decorated with sequins and flexible iron-on graphics, and double-breasted striped coats worn with a beret adorned with a floral brooch.

And there are single-sleeve balloon blouse in duchess satin and a strapless balloon dress.

The palette ranges from neutrals like white, beige and black to floral hues of blue, pink, purple and red.

On hand for the frocks and the flowers were several fashion icons and members of the Ultimate Joy Experience, who arrived in the latest BMW models. 

The guests included Chalida Wijitwongtong, Chayanit Chansangavej, Jarinya Sirimongkolsakul, Oranicha Krinchai, Pimpisa Chirathivat, Chalisa Viravan, Kornkanok Yongsakul and Orawan Inkasit.

Aurapraphan told the fans that Vickteerut strives to present more than just beautifully designed and crafted clothes. 

“We also want to portray the fun lifestyle that modern women lead. Thanks to BMW Thailand for special lifestyle experience of the brand. The collection depicts modern sophistication, the contemporary interpretation of French aesthetics and the old versus the new. 

“Think of the cowl-neck, bias-cut dresses in crepe and satin that are draped unconventionally and the knitted polo-collar bodysuit worn with a pair of pleated trousers.

“We have a bolero jacket with flexible iron-ons and embroidery, a double-breasted coat dress in striped tailored fabric completed with a beret hat and flower iris pin, a single-sleeve balloon blouse worn with a back-slit pencil skirt, and a strapless sheath dress with balloon ruffles.”