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Luscious locks and glowing skin

fashion June 21, 2018 01:00


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Sisley releases a new brand especially designed for healthy hair while also doubling up on skin care with a new edition of its serum

WE ALL have bad hair days – days when our tresses look lost and lifeless whether from the searing sun or the pouring rain.

That’s because the hair fibre, the visible part of the hair, is subjected to all kinds of external aggressions and reacts accordingly. Fortunately, though, the living part is the hair bulb beneath the scalp. It is here in the scalp that the hair is born and grows and like all “babies” requires a lot of extra care of the scalp health.

French expert in beauty and skincare brand Sisley is coming to our rescue with its new ambitious brand called Hair Rituel that’s 100-per-cent dedicated to our locks. 

Nicolas Chesnier, Sisley’s regional managing director for Asia Pacific, was in Thailand recently for the launch and reminded members of the press that the brand actually developed a hair care line back in 1976. 

While this continues to do well on the market. the Sisley research team felt that more could be done and used their collective know-how to create six essential treatment products that form part of a complete sensorial beauty ritual. Intended for both women and men, even more sophisticated products are yet to come. 

“Under the new concept ‘haircare is the new skincare’, this global approach underlines that the composition and functioning of skin cells and scalp cells are similar. And while the fibres have components that are also like the skin, they is primarily made up of keratin, which gives them resistance and elasticity. We have also observed that stress, fatigue, pollution and genetic ageing are as equally damaging to the beauty of the hair as the skin,” he explains. 

“The more we worked on this high-end offering in the hair-care segment, the more we realised that we should introduce the products not as part of our other lines but as an entirely new brand. ‘Hair Rituel by Sisley’ acknowledges that you don’t need the same treatment for everyone –taking good care of the hair should be personalised. Some people will wash their hair more frequently, some use mask, some need serum, some don’t. This ritual is tailor-made. It’s a new brand because we have bigger ambitions to enter the new category for both men and women. 

“With Rituel, we are maximising three criteria. First is the level of the result, for example, designing a serum that works against hair loss. Second, we want a product that has high tolerance and no side effects. Third is for the product to have high sensuality, meaning it’s a pleasure to use. By combining these three criteria, we are developing a good product. For the launch, we have six products and a few more will come later first year. We don’t want to release to many products but prefer to focus on quality instead,” he continues. 

From left, Rujitr Suthanaseriporn, Nicolas and Natalie Chesnier

The ritual involves cleaning, regenerating, fortifying, and enhancing. The revitalising Volumising Shampoo with Camellia oil has toning properties and helps pump up the volume from roots to ends while the Revitalising Smoothing Shampoo with macadamia oil has coating properties and helps enrich active hair, nourishes it, and disciplines untameable strands with each wash.

Restructuring Conditioner with cotton proteins aims to prevent breakage, coating the hair to smooth its cuticle, and increase shine. The Regenerating Hair Care Mask with four botanical oils is a true emergency treatment that acts on both scalp and hair lengths. The Revitalizing Fortifying Serum directly with its concentration of minerals, vitamins, plant extracts, and proteins boosts energy in the scalp to fortify the hair. And the Precious Hair Care Oil ensures the hair is visibly shinier thanks to a unique mix of nutrient oils such as passion fruit, shea, cotton, and moringa. 

But while the current focus on the hair, Sisley hasn’t forgotten its commitment to the skin, recently introducing the anti-ageing hydration booster Hydra-Global Serum and colour lip balms Phyto-Lip Delight in three new shades. 

Its new serum emphasises three main actions, The first is to take water into the heart of the skin to regenerate optimal hydric reserves. This is achieved through such complementary active ingredients as blue agave yeast extract, which promotes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the dermis and replenishes the hydric layer. Carob bean extract meanwhile activates the synthesis and renewal of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis. The serum also circulates water to transport moisture through wild pansy extract and also allows the skin to retain water deep inside with protective Edelweiss extract, which boosts the impermeability of the corneous envelope.