Dazzled by Diamonds

fashion May 17, 2018 01:00


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Beauty Gems underlines the creativity and craftsmanship of jewellery made in Thailand with an exhibition at Central Chidlom

MAJESTICALLY designed and decorated, the special jewellery exhibition titled “Diamond in the Wonderland Secret Garden” by Beauty Gems opened last week at Central Chidlom and has drawing shoppers to its fairy-tale world ever since. 

A leading manufacturer of jewellery in Thailand for more than five decades, Beauty Gems is showcasing the skills and creativity of Thai jewellery craftsmen through a variety of valuable pieces, among them the invaluable Cosmos Egg. This 29-year-old gold masterpiece boasts an intricate design of golden flowers on the inside adorned with 12 prime jewels, namely topaz, sapphire, ruby, purple sapphire, amethyst, green tourmaline, Swiss blue topaz, rose quartz, garnet and crystal to complement the 12 zodiac signs. The piece is one of Beauty Gems’ most valuable treasures and is being publicly showcased for the first time. 

“Beauty Gems is a Thai brand with Thai craftsmen that have been making and designing jewellery for 54 years. It has continued to grow both domestically and internationally and is today the kingdom’s leading exporter of jewellery, proudly showing the world the potential of Thailand’s jewellery industry,” says Suriyon Sriorathaikul, the firm’s managing director.

“In addition to the Cosmos Egg, we are introducing a special collection of 13 jewelled pieces inspired by fairy tale themes. Among these is ‘The Frozen’, a stunning diamond crown with a delicate wavering design that represents eternal love. ‘Diamond in Wonderland’ is a sapphire set with an intricate cut that depicts a girl on a journey through wonderland while ‘The Secret Garden’ is another sapphire set inspired by mystery.”

Other items on show include “The Luscious” reflecting the grace of a beautiful woman through brilliant diamonds atop an intricate crown, “Evelyn” a set of turquoise and diamond jewellery signifying friendship and goodwill, and “Elizabeth” a fabulous red ruby piece inspired by the Queen of Hearts in “Alice in Wonderland”. 

“The Princess” boasts a pearl and diamond crown, “The Abundance” is a diamond-and- sapphire set portraying the happily-ever-after ending of the fairy tale and “The Elenora” is a diamond and golden pearl necklace reflecting the sun’s power to create life on earth. The “Melissa” necklace features topaz and diamonds inspired by love that’s as sweet as honey, “The Floral” depicts the abundance of nature through emeralds, “The Fairy” is another diamond crown fit for an angel while “The Forever” dazzles with emeralds of a timeless beauty.


  •   “Diamond in the Wonderland Secret Garden” runs at Central Chidlom through May 27.
  •  Admission is free and special promotions are being offered on selected classic collections.