Making memories with gems

fashion May 17, 2018 01:00

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A new service turns a precious organic memento of a loved one into fine jewellery

Passing on valuables like jewellery, a watch or a locket containing a photo of loved ones down through the generations is common practice is almost all families. 

Now local brand Gemories founded by Passorn Passornsiri is adding a new take to the custom by transforming meaningful and precious organic objects into gemstones. 

The process, she explains, combines a scientific procedure with virtual reality technology. This can produce gemstones rapidly while retaining the identity of the person – or even a beloved pet –through the colour, format, and size of the gem.

“We see jewellery as the accessory that’s placed most closely to a person. That gave us the idea of making the accessories we wear more precious,” Passorn explains. 

“We did a lot of research into the subject and came up with the notion of turning memories, often organic matter, into a concrete object, because memories are most precious thing we have. From there, we looked into the technology that can create memories in the format of jewellery. And we found a technology that has been accepted globally –a gemstone with a specific background story.

The records of memory are transmitted in the form of a fine gemstone and marble glass generated from the fusion of mass and glass fibre at high temperature. This brings limpidity and a sparkling effect to the item in question and gives it a pure and beautiful colour. Organic matter that can be transformed into a gemstone include relics, hair, umbilical cord and the milk tooth of a child. Even clothing, flowers and precious belongings can be stored as a gemstone. 

The precious stone can be made in three sizes –3, 5, and 9 carat and in four shapes –Round Cut, Princess Cut, Heart Cut, and Oval Cut. Eight basic colours are available, namely Aquamarine, Blue Aster, Dark Sapphire, Peridot green, Rose, Champagne Topaz (light brown), Smoky Quartz (dark brown), Pure Black, and premium Ruby red. Gemories will also assemble the stone in a jewelled piece, say a ring, necklace or pendant for daily wear.

Celebrity Chutima Limjaroenrat has used the service and is pleased with the result. “I took hair from my mother, myself, and my daughter to make a locket. To me, this is a symbol of the beauty and purity of a mother’s love and I will be passing it on to my daughter.” 

Animal-mad actress, Chollada Mekratri opted to have a snippet of her dog’s fur incorporated into a necklace and earrings. “Pungpond was the first dog I ever had in my life and he stayed with us for 19 years. When he fell ill, I had his fur made into jewellery to remember him forever.”

Socialite MR Mannarumas Yugala Svasti-xuto, also availed herself of the service. “My jewellery piece is a heart-shaped pendant made of dried flowers from my wedding that were bestowed by Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali. I chose flowers because the piece will always remind me of my wedding day, which was the important d ay of my life. 

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