Kids (and their mums) know all about jeans

fashion April 12, 2018 13:05

By The Nation

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Since children’s skin is particularly sensitive, parents are careful when it comes to choosing their clothes, considering all the factors – coolness and comfort as well as smart, suitable and trendy in appearance.

BJ Jeans (Thailand) recently invited famous mums to view its wide selection of BJ Junior jeans for youngsters and shared tips and tricks on choosing the perfect outfits for different activities.

Kallayanee Kamolvisit, the boss at BJ Jeans and creator of the BJ Junior Collection, was on hand at the event at the Funarium on Sukhumvit Soi 26 with her husband, Pornthep Kamolvisit, and their son Valentine and two daughters.

“At BJ Jeans we have experts in quality jeans fabrics with skills matching international standards,” Kallayanee said. “Four years ago, when we saw that parents were starting to pay more and more attention to children’s styles, we saw an opportunity to create our children’s line, BJ Junior. 

“Apart from our expertise in jeans designs, we also focus on the fabric quality, which affects the texture of clothes. The fabric goes directly on our children’s sensitive skin, so our tops are mainly made from 100 per cent cotton, while spandex blends are used in the bottom parts for extra flexibility and safety.”

Nisakorn Sihanatkathakul, there with her four-year-old son Marvin, said she has “more freedom” in choosing because she has a son rather than a daughter. 

“Although boys are very active, so the clothes have to be durable, and jeans are always the go-to item for both mums and kids. They have the much-needed flexibility and it’s really cute when we wear matching jeans. 

“Now that Marvin is four, he has his own opinions about clothes, but I’m always there to help with the styling. The straight cut is his favourite style because he says it’s cool.”

Pornthip Collins said her son Harper isn’t particularly active, preferring to read and do art, especially painting. 

“His style is cool, and I think jeans are very cute and suitable for his age. But us mothers worry about the texture, so we try to select ones with spandex stretch that won’t irritate the skin.” 

Panchalita Chantrakul said she and her daughter Pitaa have a lot of fun dressing up because they have similar styles. 

“She always picks shoes to match the colour of my clothes! I also want the best for her. She’s a girlie girl, but likes smarter, cooler styles and she always wants to wear jeans when I do. I have to pick ones with good quality and texture that’s smooth to her skin. There are so many to choose from today with lovely designs suitable for her age too.” 

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