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fashion April 12, 2018 01:00

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Jaspal ties up with Karl Lagerfeld for a new collection that launches next month

AT THE forefront of fashion for more than four decades, Jaspal has always aimed to bring outfits both chic and casual to the public at an affordable price. Now the Thai brand has broadened its ambitions by announcing its collaboration with legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld for a special collection that will be available from May 4 at its boutiques nationwide. 

In the belief that fashion is alive, dynamic, limitless and indefinite, the brand was founded in 1947 by Jaspal Singh, an immigrant from India looking for a fresh start in life. He diligently and relentlessly worked his way up and established a solid foundation for his family in Thailand. He was among the first to import terry cloth from the US and focused on popular local brands before expanding to imported bedding. He later set up his own factory to manufacture products under the Santas brand and subsequently introduced the Jaspal, CPS Chaps, CC-Double-O, Lyn, Lyn Around, Footwork, Footwork Noir and Misty Mynx lines.

The ready-to-wear fashion apparel brand Jaspal, which was introduced in 1972 and produced in Thailand since 1980, is under the management of Visith Singhsachathet, a second-generation member of the family and Visith’s son Viseth. The brand has kept up with fashion trends and is quick to respond to changes in the global lifestyle. “Jaspal is a Thai brand but we are brave and determined enough to flag our core strategy from generation to generation and always operate in line with global standards,” Viseth says. 

“Jaspal is the first and only Thai label to feature top international celebrities in each season’s commercial campaigns and we have worked with such big names as Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Gisele Bundchen, Milla Jovovich, Mischa Barton, Selma Blair, Jessica Stam, Alexa Chung and Hugo Chakrabongse Levy.

This would have been impossible if the brand were not trust-worthy and credible. Going forward, Jaspal will continue bringing in global celebrities and is working hard to push Jaspal into a global brand position by expanding to Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong.” 

Viseth has continuously entered into collaborations for Jaspal’s special collections. The brand joined up with international fashion label brand run by Thai designer by Nuj Novakhett, which is favoured by the Hollywood elite for its 2012-13 winter collection, and invited 11 artists to come up with creative works by its “F.O.R. Jaspal Limited Edition Collaboration T-shirt” project, namely Kult Teerawut, Logan, May-T, Miss Ink, Nariss, P7, Mamafaka, Rukkit, Tawan, TRK and Yuree. 

In 2015, the brand teamed up with Disney Pictures for the special “Jaspal x Starwars Collaborative Project”,.

`And now, as it celebrates its 46th anniversary, Jaspal becomes the first brand in Southeast Asia to collaborate with global designer Karl Lagerfeld. The special “Karl Lagerfeld for Jaspal” collection will feature a range of classic cuts with just enough chic for all fashionistas to mix and match to perfection.