An auspicious diamond flower for every need

fashion February 18, 2018 12:30

By The Nation

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According to traditional Chinese belief, certain items should be offered to one’s deceased ancestors in order to receive good fortune.

fortune. Typically, food and clothing are offered, but it can also be “said with flowers”. 

The “five auspicious flowers” of Chinese lore inspire the “Serendipity of Luck” collection from 88-year-old jewellery brand Jubilee Diamond.

“The peony is the soul-healing flower and symbol of sincerity with pure gentle and jubilant energy believed to be the flower of love,” explains chief executive Unyarat Pornprakit. 

“The orchid symbolises abundance, wealth and prosperity. The plum blossom is the first bloom of spring, signifying a delightful step onto a lively new era in the Chinese New Year festival. 

“The rose is the queen of flower and symbol of love and marriage, and the crown of thorns is known as the flower of eight gods, as magnet to fortune, honour and prosperity. 

“The designs of these five flowers atop the jewellery collection will bring the wearers luck and fortune, together with the collection highlight, being the diamond bangle, which is believed to capitalise on the advantages of life.”

The piece inspired by the peony is the mesmerising Diamond Bangle brilliant with 100 D-colour diamonds and a delicate design of peony petals. 

The more straightforward forces of wealth and fortune are signified by the orchid featured atop the charismatic Diamond Bangle elegantly designed with 100 D-colour Triple Excellent diamonds fitted with the delicacy of an orchid.

The Plum Blossom inspired Diamond Bangle in modern design fixed with 99 E Colour diamonds are perfect selections for stylish modern day ladies with an active lifestyle as they can be adjusted to a single or layered up to a chic statement piece. 

Accompanying are “Diamond Earrings” featuring 99 E Colour diamonds which can be worn in 2 ways in a stud or drop style for added sophistication.

For the Rose lovers, mesmerised by its delicate beauty, “Diamond Bangle” and “Diamond Ring” of the collection are to die for with the ultimate brilliance of 100 D Colour Triple Excellent diamonds aligned to the design filled with supple movement alongside the signature Jubilee Diamond Emblem that auspiciously defies success and prosperity.

In for the beauty fitted with significant meaning? Crown of Thorns series proudly present the simple yet luxuriously beguiling twisted “Diamond Bangle” in modern design showcasing 99 E Colour diamonds along with “Diamond Ring” eye-catchingly beautiful with D Colour Triple Excellent diamonds surrounding the pair of 0.3 carat centrepiece braided into Crown of Thorns delicate petals hinting at the definition of luck and fortune from the auspicious No 8 resemblance when viewed from the top. Following is the pair of “Diamond Earrings” concluding the series with perfect alignment of 99 E Colour diamonds.

Boost up your luck and sparkle from within with “Serendipity of Luck” diamond jewellery collection today at all counters in leading department stores countrywide. For further enquiries, contact Jubilee Customer Centre telephone (02) 6251111 or follow up on happenings and news at Facebook: Jubilee Diamond (Thailand),, Line: @jubileediamond.