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fashion January 11, 2018 01:00


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The Thai fashion house reveals nature-inspired collections for spring and summer

SETTING THE stage for a new collection inspired by nature, renowned Thai silk house Jim Thompson brought jungle drums and a dramatic ambience to the recent showcase of its fashions for spring and summer 2018, 

Inspired by Southeast Asian traditions, the collection features a diverse range of colours that play with contrast, particularly lightness and darkness. 

Nature remains a prominent motif, defined through pure, vertical lines and silhouettes moulded by silk. Kimonos, classic pyjamas, cropped tops, fisherman pants, and caftans are among the must-have pieces for this season’s contemporary wardrobe. 

Urban trenches and boxy blazers are paired with wide-leg trousers and shorts while evening gowns are softly feminine and mini dresses perfect for both casual day wear and night-time partying. The colour palette takes inspiration from the rich landscape as well as the concrete jungle, with brown, emerald, vivid green, clay, and sand highlighted by pops of yellow, pink, sky blue, as well as iron and silver grey. 

Based on the concept “Form Follows Silk”, the silhouettes are naturally flawless. Experienced silk weavers have perfected their craft, making Jim Thompson silk the epitome of exotic luxury. 

Prints give a dynamic and strong direction and make up the spirit of the collection. Geometrics and graphics inspired by the facades of buildings add panache while animal motifs are used to represent traditional elements of the Thai culture. These come in the form of tiger, crocodile, and snake tattoos created in combinations of vivid green and brown softened by sky blue, white, cream, and pink. 

Leaf references are taken from wood carvings and combined with the snake tattoo in emerald and yellow. In the accessories line, embroidered bags known as cabas play a key role, with new silhouettes creating an exotic, resort feel and a glamorous attitude. 

The Basket Wreck bags are made from silk and turn the quintessential beach bag into a luxury accessory for use around town. A combination of leather and silk, the Rooftop Family bags come with precious embroidered ramage details in a rich brocade. The iconic bag, the Grajaat, has playful patterns and comes in different colours and designs including stripes and a geometric pattern.

For the guys, the ready-to-wear collection also goes hand in hand with nature. Western cuts are enhanced by Eastern exoticism and immersed in the richness of the silk.

Classic Western items have been revised with an urban, casual-yet-appealing look such as the new trench coat, blazer, and Sahariana. Shirts boast luxurious prints, inspired by the tropical South East Asian landscape and traditional Thai Tattoos. Embroidered kimonos and pyjama pants have also been added to make the overall silhouette more exotic. 

The colours are subtle and intimate, incorporating red brown, cream, orange, curry green, purple and dark blue. The latest bags have a traveller’s look, with kangaroo leather and satin nylon used for both the Boston and tote shape.