Poise, playfulness and oriental beauty

fashion November 30, 2017 01:00


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Hong Kong jeweller Dennis Chan brings his quirky designs to Bangkok

CONCEIVED in the caves of Dunhuang back in 1997 and born in 2004, Qeelin, maker of fine Oriental style jewellery with traditional Chinese sensibilities and symbols of lucky charms, has conquered the hearts of women the world over with its modern elegance and signature artistic style.

Qeelin’s founder, Dennis Chan, a talented jewellery designer from Hong Kong, was in Bangkok recently for the Thailand launch event, which took place at The House on Sathorn and featured the stunning Couture Collection.

“I wanted to bring my emotions about China to jewellery pieces that were at once oriental but contemporary, basing the designs on mythical stories with hidden meanings that strike a chord,” he says, adding that the brand’s first international exposure came at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004, when Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung wore earrings from the Wu Lu collection.

“In Chinese culture, the Wu Lu design brings to mind luck while the lion symbolises protection. But even without knowledge of the symbolism, our range is timeless, its deep roots always present but in a modern and contemporary way.”

Qeelin, which has been brought to Thailand by Dr Thitiporn Sanguanpiyapan of Sette Peccati, is a member of the Kering Group, joining such illustrious names as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Boucheron under the umbrella of the Paris powerhouse. 

Four collections are currently available at the Sette Peccati boutique in Siam Paragon. The Xi Xi collection in rose gold embellished with finely selected diamonds, pink sapphires and onyx is designed in the form of the Chinese lion symbolising joy, glory and wealth and is inspired by the era of Tang Dynasty and Qianlong Emperor.

Bo Bo is all about that cuddly representative of peace and friendship, the panda, and comes in white gold embellished with shimmering diamonds and precious gems in a wide range of styles from skiing bears to superheroes. 

Yu Yi is a classic talisman in minimal elegant design, inspired by the ancient Chinese accessory of a cloud-shaped lock, a symbol of longevity.

Wu Lu, meanwhile, is designed in the form of bottle gourd that looks similar to the number 8, the Chinese numeral credited with bringing luck and fortune to those who wear it. 

The launch event showcased several spectacular couture design pieces, such as the King and Queen collection, with the powerful image of dragon and phoenix symbolising wealth and prosperity. 

A limited-edition rose gold watch from the Wu Lu collection caught the eye with meticulously embedded diamonds in the shape of bottle gourd, as did the Wu Lu Lace necklace with a white-gold pendant embroidered with diamonds and fine rubies.

Another stunner was the necklace with a lion shape pendant from the Xi Xi collection, which reflects Chinese beauty and tradition through colourful gems. Only eight pieces of this masterpiece have been produced. 

Equally attractive, the Bamboo Collection is inspired by the plant that gives it its name and includes a glamorous minimal necklace embellished with glittering fine-cut diamonds.

With its outstanding yet easy-to-wear character, Qeelin has understandably become an instant hit with local celebrities like Praedao Panichsamai. 

“Jewellery enhances my confidence. I personally like to mix and match pieces by, say, wearing a classic ring with an oversized necklace and earrings. They certainly make an outfit look more glamorous,” she says.