Saying it with an Issey Miyake flower

fashion November 17, 2017 16:00

By The Nation

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Fans of Issey Miyake rejoice! The much-loved Japanese brand has launched a new series of corsages made with its stream stretch textile for the festive season on the theme “Floriography”.

The inspiration comes for those moments when we find ourselves at a loss for words, even though our hearts are full of love. What else can we do but take a breath, and give expression to it - with a flower.

Issey Miyake’s imaginary flower is in fact a corsage expressed using its original material Steam Stretch, in which the creases are woven into a piece of cloth using heat reactive thread, which shrinks when steam is applied. By steam heating the square textile, it shrinks to create a three-dimensional flower. 

There are four different varieties of flowers from which to choose and the story begins with a bouquet and letter. The holiday season is a time to care for your loved ones and short phrases such as “Do you remember?”, “Warmth”, and “Sunset” are imprinted on an accompanying note card. By circling words or adding your own note, you can write a unique message to your loved one. Your message will gently envelop a flower corsage.

Check them out at Siam Discovery.