Japanese cosmetics tap Thai tones

fashion November 02, 2017 01:00


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Makeup artist Yuta Sato of the brand Three hits the beaches

BORN TO A family of artists, Yuta Sato came to prefer a woman’s face as his canvasThe celebrated makeup artist for Japanese cosmetics brand Three was in Bangkok recently for the launch of its Refined Control Lip Pencil and Epic Mini Dash. 

The latter’s lovely pink, red, and orange evoke the dawning sun, and perhaps Wat Arun – the Temple of the Dawn – and the sunsets that illuminate Thailand’s world-famous beaches. 

Sato said he adores Thai women’s gorgeous skin tones and bone structure – and he’s been here a lot, more than 30 times in the past 10 years. All they need, he said, it the right makeup to boost their confidence and positive outlook. 

“I did makeup for the first time when I was 16, for my mother, and she loved it, so that’s how I got interested in this career – my brothers a makeup artist too,” Sato said. 

“My grandfather and my mother are painters, and for me, makeup is about creating the whole picture, just the same. You have to balance the overall look. Even if you’re not that good with the eyes, you can do beautiful lips or cheeks, and that’s just fine.”

The concept at Three entails respecting the blessings of the natural world and seeing oneself as part of nature. Facial expressions become harmonised and neutral colours and textures created by brand director Rie Omoto bring out that natural beauty effortlessly. 

Epic Mini Dash comes in beach shades – “Phi Phi Paradise Rose” and “Railay Red”. 

The fresh cheek tint resembles whipped gel oil and enhances the radiance of the skin with an airy sense of clarity. It’s as though the skin is coloured from the inside. 

Users apply a small amount to the cheeks and gently rub the highest part of the cheek with the ball of a finger to create an expression full of solidity and a feeling of vitality. It can be also used as lip colour for a soft matte finish.

The Refined Control Lip Pencil offers complete control of the lip line and colour. With a tip of exactly the right thickness, the handy, smooth-textured pencil can be used as both a lip liner and a lip base.

Various botanical oils and natural fats and oils are used for long-lasting effects that avoid “lipstick bleed” and keep the line in place for hours. 

There are two shades. “Romance in Phuket” is a pure, fresh, pink mix with a coral orange tone, and the smoky cherry-red tone of “Temple of Dawn” creates a confident smile. 

“It’s important that women project a sense of comfort while wearing makeup,” Sato said. “They need to create the ideal canvas to show off their lipstick colour to perfection. 

“For men nowadays, too, it’s very common to wear makeup, but many aren’t very good at it. |I advise men to do make up |with just a gentle touch of |concealer and translucent |powder. It will make them look smart and ensure a clean complexion.”