Getting noticed in camouflage

fashion August 06, 2017 11:25

By The Nation

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Plays on classic allure has made camouflage an all-time favourite and now Valentino is introducing the plain tones of green together with strong references to the army to its new collection.

The new camouflage breaks all rules of gender, bringing intense masculinity from the camo prints into the feminine fashion world and putting the wild into sexiness with stilettos covered in camouflage patterns.

Camouflage also features in novel contexts through splashes of moods, colours and tones including Army Green Brush Wood, Army Green Dark Green and the multi-color psychedelic mixed in with Maple Yellow, Parrot Green and Dark Orange.

Sneakers fans will love the new “Rockrunner” collection, which not only boasts everyone’s favourite colour but introduces new stories and context in sync with the brand’s signature rockstuds and accentuating the camouflage.

Camouflage also finds its way on to bags of various shapes and sizes including card holders, wallets, oversized handbags, and backpacks for the rockers’ soul.