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fashion July 20, 2017 16:11

By The Nation

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Clinique’s exclusive new makeup collection by designer Jonathan Adler captures the jet-set glam of his favourite seaside destinations –Palm Beach, Capri and Santorini.

Featuring Adler’s iconic geometric patterns and the irresistibly bold colours of Clinique, the new limited-edition captures the spirit of irreverent luxury and playful experimentation that’s become a signature of both Clinique and Jonathan Adler.

“My collection for Clinique is for women who want to crank up their glamour factor to eleven,” says Adler. “The collection feels like a vacation. The collection is crisp, it’s colourful, it’s luminous, it’s bright and it’s like a little getaway to the most glamorous place you’ve ever imagined.”

He recently spoke with the press. Excerpts:


How would you describe your design style?

I call my style modern American glamour. I always try to keep things fresh and new and modern. One of the lines in my manifesto is “We believe in irreverent luxury” and that captures a lot of what I’m about.


What do interior design and makeup have in common?

Good design is like an anti-depressant. It has the power to transform your mood, like a big squishy sofa you plop into. Makeup is an anti-depressant, too. It can literally transform a woman’s day.


What does Clinique mean to you?

Clinique is a classic, iconic brand. It’s always been in my life. I grew up with it in my mother’s and sister’s cabinets. That’s why I was so thrilled when this collaboration came about. My brand is very similar. We’re both about being classic, chic and refreshing.


What inspired this collection?

Jet-set glamour. I always think about iconic destinations. Places where women look like their most glamorous selves. I wanted to capture that in makeup.


If this collection had emotions, how would it feel?

It feels fresh! It feels like a trip to Capri. It feels like jumping into the Mediterranean Sea.


What do you love most this collection?

This collection shows that tiny treasures can bring big pleasures. It’s very chic, very classic, very Clinique. I hope everyone enjoys using it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Have you always had an eye for design?

For me, being a designer was never a choice - it felt inevitable and essential to my soul. I have spent most of my inner life thinking about how to make things better: look better, work better, feel better and be life enhancing.


If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing instead?

If I wasn't a designer or potter I would be unemployed. I found my truth in the pottery studio and my design business. Every day I feel extraordinarily grateful for my life.


How often do you re-decorate or upgrade your personal spaces?

My personal spaces are ever-evolving and my poor long suffering husband, Simon, comes home every day to find a completely new living room set up. I’m sorry Simon.


Where is the first place you start when designing a room?

The first thing I think about when designing a room is colour. I think the colour should capture the spirit of the inhabitant.



Do you have a ‘home away from home’?

My home away from home is my pottery studio. That is really where I work out most of my designs. I started out as a potter, I still think of myself as a potter and my studio feels like home.


What role does travel play in your designs?

I live in New York City, and New York is very urban. It can be tough, loud and cold. So in my mind I am always fantasising about vacation. I, like everybody else, want to be at the beach. So when I started working with Clinique, my first thought was “let’s make it feel like being at the beach”.


Describe the world of Jonathan Adler is three words?

Modern American Glamour.


Where do you draw inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. I try not think about it too much, but I always keep my eyes and my mind wide open.


Has your aesthetic evolved since you first began your career?

It’s constantly evolving, but whatever I make it want it to make you feel even more glamorous than you already are.


Colour plays a huge role in your designs, what hues are you loving right now?

Emerald and lavender.


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

My pottery teacher in college told me I had no talent and I should give it up. It was the best advice I never took.


The make-up range is now available in Bangkok. It includes


>> Clinique + Jonathan Adler Pop Lip Colour + Primer (Bt1,000) is inspired by Adler’s Globo Collection, which are colourful domes of acrylic and brass—like jewellery for your home. Each Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer features a gem-like acrylic cabochon atop the cap and Adler’s signature geometric pattern etched around the tube. It’s available in 6 shades including three limited edition shades Capri Pop, Palm Beach Pop and Santorini Pop.


>>Clinique + Jonathan Adler Lid Pop and Clinique + Jonathan Adler Cheek Pop are inspired by French gardens and feature exclusive Jonathan Adler geometric patterns on the lids as well as imprinted into the powder. Clinique + Jonathan Adler Lid Pop is available in two shades at Bt850 and Clinique + Jonathan Adler Cheek Pop at Bt1,050.


>>Clinique + Jonathan Adler Chic Colour Kit (Bt2,150) includes a total of 13 Super Shimmer and Soft Matte All About Shadow shades and 4 applicators, packaged in a bright, bold patterned compact that epitomises happy chic.


>> Clinique + Jonathan Adler Luxe Refillable Cushion Compact (Bt650) is available in three unique patterned lid designs that fit the Super City Block BB Cushion Compact refill.