Experimental, avant-garde – that’s ‘Marni 17’

fashion July 11, 2017 17:30

By The Nation

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Marni’s capsule collection for the coming autumn expresses the Italian luxury fashion house’s avant-garde spirit through discreet volumes and an explosion of vibrant colours.

The exploration of shapes and careful selection of prints, shades and materials creates an aesthetic that makes the structure pure but the detail elaborate. 

The firm’s passion for the meticulous appearance in the outfits and uniforms is given new meaning, leading to a contemporary reinterpretation of iconic Marni pieces.

The collection features asymmetry and overlaps to create a play on measured proportions, where tight trousers complement oversized dresses and skirts in an elegant contrast. 

The outer fastenings on jackets and coats create ruches that shake up the volume, creating a new concept of dynamism.

A sportswear inspiration runs through the collection, making way for romantic and feminine details, with ruches, pleats and draping adding movement to the shape.

The fabrics include Devore velvet, silk, jersey jacquard, Shetland and lined two-tone mackintosh, alternating with coated wool and nylon. Fur makes another appearance, this time in the form of patchwork mink shawls and embossed sheepskin.

Rhythm is expressed through the layers of clothes that make the same statement in different sizes. Vintage pattern graphics are skilfully revisited, cut, broken down and recreated. 

Floral designs and ruches combine on the same outfit in a compact display of positive and negative.

The accessories also reveal a love of geometry. The clutch flaunts multicoloured snakeskin squares and the bags unfold in the shape of a circle, smooth and folded back on themselves. 

The flip-flops boast a squared, decorative pattern, the outline of the booties is gently rounded, and the heels are square and architectural.

The Marni Capsule 17 will be exclusively available at Erawan Bangkok and Central Chidlom.