Makeup just for little girls

event October 08, 2018 18:42

By The Nation

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Pornthip Tansiritanes, managing director of Good for Kids, has imported the cosmetics brand Puttisu from South Korea – made for little girls and for pregnant women with sensitive skin.

Containing only natural ingredients, Puttisu products are gentle and cause no harm to the skin.

“We went looking for cosmetics for children when we realised that most girls love nail polish and want to wear makeup like their mums,” says Pornthip. 

“At a young age they love to experiment and try new things, but many adult cosmetics contain chemicals that can irritate children’s skin, so we found Puttisu, which is very popular in Korea, where they have a lot of brands exclusively for children. 

“There are lots of vibrant colours for kids to enjoy and the packaging is quite eye-catching,” adds Pornthip.

Cosmeceutical specialist Dr Wanwipa Thongborisute concurs that children ages three to four years start imitating their mothers in styling and makeup. 

“Parents should support them in this and let them freely express their creativity. Parents should be aware of the necessity of using certain skincare products. They should apply sunscreen on kids as young as six months when they have to go outdoors, but it must be a sunscreen that’s specially made for children.”    

The Puttisu nail polishes are Water PangPang Nail, which is 70-per-cent water, Colour PangPang Nail with the refreshing scent of strawberries, Glitter PangPang Nail to add shimmer, and Blink PangPang Nail with a banana aroma. 

Each of these contains green-tea seed, moringa seed oil, Japanese tea seed oil high in Vitamin E, olive oil, argan oil and macadamia oil. 

Sun Cushion SPF 43 PA++ sunscreen contains extracts of green tea, thanaka, horsetail and lotus root, plus Allantoin to reduce inflammation. 

For a fresh pop of colour in the cheeks, Blusher has gardenia extract, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil and eucalyptus oil. 

Lip Gloss with rosehip oil and honey keeps the lips moisturised for hours and smells of berries. Lip Crayon contains African shea butter, rosehip fruit oil and eucalyptus oil. Face Mask is 100 per cent cotton, has the scent of strawberries and contains shea butter, olive oil, grape seed oil and hyaluronic acid. 

Socialite Palawi Bunnag says her daughter Wela loves the new products. 

“She’s always curious and talkative. When she was three, she started to get interested in beauty products. She wanted to try my makeup, but I warned her that it contained chemicals. She still tried to act like she could wear makeup, and when she found out about makeup she could use, she was very happy.” 

Jannis Yangpichit has the same experience with her daughter Janine. 

“When she was two she played with and ruined many of my lipsticks. When she was old enough to realise she couldn’t use them, she wanted to be my assistant helping me put on my makeup. She’d apply my hand powder, mascara and blush. 

“She’s just turning five now and I let her have her own cosmetics, which have great colours for her age. She loves the nail polish and lip balm.” 

Puttisu is available only online, at, Facebook Puttisu, Instagram puttisu_thailand and LINE @puttisu_thailand.