It’s a good week to hit Starbucks

event July 18, 2018 15:00

By The Nation

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Coffee lovers can help Starbucks Thailand celebrate its 20th anniversary with cake and gift cards, “Muan Jai National Sampling Day”.

It’s a chance to try the Muan Jai Blended coffee of which the chain is most proud for free.

Muan Jai Blended “represents our commitments to supporting a susฌtainable coffeegrowing community in northern Thailand” it says. 

Sample it for free at any branch from 11am to midnight. 

“Good Coffee Day” on Thursday (July 19) lets customers donate towards the welfare of the northern coffee growers and enjoy a free 12ounce iced caf้ latte as a token of appreciation from 2 to 3pm

Starbucks Coffee (Thailand) was founded in 1998 and currently has 344 outlets. 

“The company is dedicated to making the Starbucks Experience a rewarding part of the day for all its customers in Thailand,” it says, “while contributing positively to the community through its sponsorship of sustainable coffee production with Thai hilltribes under the name of Muan Jai (Thai blended coffee). 

“Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee has been committed to ethically sourcฌing and roasting the highestquality Arabica coffee in the world. Starbucks introduces handcrafted beverages and invites customers to personalise them. 

“Starbucks partners strive to provide the best coffee experience and are always ready to share with customers background on Starbucks coffee heritage.” 

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