Beauty inside and out at aviance workshop

event May 30, 2018 01:00

By The Nation

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Unilever Network beauty brand aviance, led by president Suchada Theeravachirakul, recently hosted a two-day “Beauty Goddess # Suay Pai Hai Sood with aviance Collagen Matrix” workshop at the Hilton Hotel Sukhumvit for 20 participants with four experts in beauty and wellbeing.

The participants were encouraged to “stand up for their own beauty” so they can lead more meaningful lives. 

Beauty guru Napassorn “Momay” Buranasiri, TV producer Yossinee “Jah” Nanakorn, Asva Group creative director Polpat “Moo”Asavaprapha and physical trainer Arnan Apinun suggested ways to look beautiful both outside and in.

Napassorn said it was essential that women spend extra minutes on facial cleansing so the skin absorbs moisturisers and other skincare products most effectively. 

“All skincare products are highly active, so the rule for getting the freshest face is to remove all makeup and scrub until the cleansing pad is clear,” she said. “It’s a must to apply sunscreen on the face and neck every day. Please avoid using too many facial-care products on days when you need to wear a lot of makeup.”

Polpat said clothes should reflect each person’s perception and style. He recommended bold dresses in either dark blue or grey, a sharp jacket or blazer, peep-toe heels, a professional handbag, must-have makeup – either lipstick or eye liner, a perfectly cut shirt, a trench coat, and a clutch.

Yossinee said health and wellness begin in the kitchen, and a good start is to cook your own meal. 

“One of the big concerns is the daily habit of eating sweets,” she said. “A lot of food and drinks contain too much sugar and they’ll cause weight gain and various diseases. Around 25 grams of sugar a day won’t harm you. 

“The key to dealing with it is making changes in your habits. Tell yourself sugar isn’t good for health. Be conscious about what you’re doing and what you’re eating. And you must start exercising.”

Arnan suggested body-weight exercises for women to build muscles and reduce fat. 

“If you want to get in shape, diet and exercise must go together,” he said. “Food choices account for 60 per cent of getting in shape and exercise 40 per cent. Good food choices will give you a wide range of nutrients, while bad foods make you quickly feel hungry again because of nutrient imbalances. 

“People not used to exercising should go for a cardio workout such as running, cycling and swimming. They’re good for the heart. Do a cardio exercise for 30 minutes a day and you get several benefits, including weight loss, enhanced cardiovascular health and a better mood.”

The next Suay Pai Hai Sood workshop will be held on June 2. Admission is free. Go to the avianceshop or Unilever Network Thailand Facebook page.