Central welcomes the year of the dog

event February 08, 2018 16:37

By The Nation

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Central celebrates the Chinese New Year in style from February 13 to February 18 with a dance from a 149-metre long dragon, jumping lions on plum blossom poles by two internationally recognised Thai champion teams, along with spectacular Chinese arts and cultural performances, as well as Chinese delicacies at Central Chidlom and Central Embassy.

Talking of the legend of the dragon and lion dances in Thailand, Chiraphat Wilaiphong explained: “China sent lion dance groups to Thailand as a tribute to His Majesty King Taksin the Great. This marked the beginning of this tradition in Thailand. The dragon and lion are two auspicious animals that are used as talismans in events to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth. The lions that we perform as are from 4 different clans including the most popular lion from Guangdong, the adorable looking lion with chiming sounds from Beijing, the fierce lion from the Hakka and the Hainan lion from that island. Each dance performance has a different meaning, and it can take more than two years of practice before we are able to perform them.”

The China Cultural Centre in Bangkok is bringing arts and cultural performances from Hebei and Hangzhou to Central Chidlom. They include a Bian Lian mask changing act, kite play, yo-yo shows, acrobatic acts, guzheng performances, whilst the Chinese Market at the Morakot Car Park will be brimming with traditional goods and souvenirs, as well as Chinese delicacies including huang ba cakes, pua pua and siwawa. There’s also a chance to enjoy fresh seafood from the Andaman Sea prepared to excellence by Chef Pu of Fu Seafood at Foodloft.

At Central Embassy, shoppers can indulge in cultural Chinese performances, have their photos taken in traditional costume for a photo souvenir and join in the 3D printed dog workshop at The Balcony, Level 2. There’s also a Chinese Market, with 20 stalls offering both sweet and savoury Chinese delicacies on Level 5 and a very special menu from Eathai on Level LG.

On Friday (February 16), Chinese New Year’s Day, shoppers can be entertained by dancing duo dragons and 9 master dances, as well as the 10 lion dance performance from Yi Quan-Thailand, who were placed in the Top 10 of the 2016 world championship competition in Malaysia. Open House on Level 6 will offer fun workshops with dog bandanas and masks to make on February 17 and 18.

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