Condoms to mark World Aids Day

event November 27, 2017 16:54

By The Nation

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Honestbee, Asia’s leading and trusted online concierge and delivery service, is marking World Aids Day 2017 on Friday (December 1) by adding an extra item into customers’ baskets with a free One Touch condom and sexual health brochure.

The first global health day founded in 1988, World Aids Day aims to unite people from all over the world in the fight against HIV; tasking itself with raising funds, increasing awareness and improving education about the virus as well as combating prejudice.

Honestbee is supporting World Aids Day and the welfare of vulnerable individuals in Thailand in an effective, hands-on way to help spread an important message.

“Many of our customers are millennials who are focused on their careers and social life. They’re sometimes too busy to stock up on the necessities of life such as contraception that prevents sexually transmitted diseases and some are ignoring the dangers of unprotected sex altogether. This extends out to other parts of the community too,” said Bounthay Khammanyvong, Honestbee country general manager in Thailand.

The Honestbee community action is being achieved in collaboration with One Touch condoms, a Thai brand manufactured in Bangkok and made from natural rubber latex. The well-known brand distributes 7 varieties of condoms in Thailand which are widely available at major international convenience store outlets, pharmacies and supermarkets.

A free brochure will also accompany the complimentary condoms, highlighting the importance of using condoms to not only prevent unwanted pregnancies, but the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as the HIV infection. 

According to Aids Health Foundation Thailand, the Thai Government has pledged to end the Aids epidemic in Thailand by 2030. The country has seen a decline in HIV in adults as well as a huge 41-per-cent reduction in HIV transmission in children between 2010-2014 alone, with progress continuing. 

Globally, there are estimated to be around 36.7 million people living with HIV. In the last 23 years some 35 million people have died as a result of HIV or Aids worldwide. 

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