Desserts with a healthy factor

event November 22, 2017 13:11

By The Nation

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Taiwanese-style eatery QQ Dessert is celebrating its first anniversary in Thailand with the introduction of new sweet treat “3-Treasure Tangyuan” at its recently opened Siam Paragon branch

Under the management of young businesswoman, Ascha Charoenrasameekiat, the brand has earned good feedback from health-conscious millennials for its healthy food and desserts.

Taking its cues from Taiwan’s dessert-making culture, the brand uses only the highest-quality natural ingredients. The name “QQ” is derived from Taiwanese for “gummy, chewy and tasty”, three requisites the islanders demand in their food.

 QQ Dessert’ s highlight is Taroball, a chewy dessert ball in purple and orange-yellow made of Japanese taro and sweet potato. 

The new “3-Treasure Tangyuan” combines rice dumplings in three flavours and, for now at least, is available only at Siam Paragon and through the brand’s catering service QQ on the Go.

“Taiwanese Tangyuan are soft and chewy rice dumplings stuffed with a special filling and served with ginger ale or fresh milk,” says Ascha. 

“And we also offer a range of other top-selling desserts including No 1 Grass Jelly, a soft and smooth jelly served with black herbal ice that can be topped with taro ball, stirred taro, and red beans. Another favourite is the Grass Jelly Combo, which is grass jelly with soy milk- flavoured ice cream paired with red beans, Japanese sweet potato, barley, taro, longan, or brown sugar jelly.”

The menu also features Taiwanese Fig Jelly, shaved ice topped with Taiwanese fig jelly, honey lemon sauce and bubbles, Garden QQ Milk Tea, which is garnished like a potted plant with black crushed cookies and mint leaves topping a base of milk tea and smooth whipped cream, and Honey Lemon Oolong Tea with Chrysanthemum Jelly for those who prefer to get away from dairy items. 

The launch was attended by several celebrities including Varavut Laohapongchana, Sitamanin Susamawattanakul, Prairpun Tumwattana, Kornkanok Yongsakul, Onchuma Durongdej, Pimlert-Jarujit Baiyoke, Tawanna Thara, Kalayada Lohacharoenvanich, Patcharawat Trakansantikul, Karuna Vatchanaphukka, Capt. Vantita Lewchalermwongse, Sitamon Pholdee, Melissa Horn Lohtong, Virithipa Pakdeeprasong, Pimthong Washirakom, Ploy Horwang, Athichanan Srisevok.

Celebrity fans of QQ Dessert took to the stage to talk about their love for desserts and to share tips for good health.

Karuna Vatchanaphukka said, “I’ve loved dessert since I was a kid. I always had a chocolate bar by my bed and ate it before bedtime. I felt that having something sweet put me in a good mood. When I grew up, I was more careful about what I ate and also exercised a lot so I could indulge my sweet tooth without gaining weight. I do a lot of weight training and cardio because when you eat a lot of sugar in one go, you have to burn it off immediately.

Varavut Laohapongchana added: “I always finish my meal with dessert. My favourites are fruits or shaved ice since they are refreshing and clean the palate. I exercise a lot and also have aroma body massages to relax my muscles.’

Visit QQ Dessert today at CentralWorld, Central Plaza Lat Phrao, The Mall Bang Kapi, Central Plaza Chaeng Wattana, King Power Complex Rangnam and Siam Paragon.