Leaders’ summit: More to being a boss than giving orders

event November 02, 2017 15:43

By The Nation

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Value-based recruitment platform for millennials SocialC and Midas PR are hosting a seminar for business owners and heads of organisations on Tuesday (November 7) at which top guns will share the secrets of their success.

The Elevating Purpose Summit 2017: The DNA of Success takes place at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok.

Star players in various fields and industries will speak and lead discussions. They include visionary entrepreneur-philanthropist Kenneth Kam from Singapore and David Passiak, the futurist author of “Empower, Disruption Revolution”.

Alan Hilburg, regarded as one of the world’s top experts in crisis communication and formerly of Burson-Marsteller, will be there.

The evening session will feature more such luminaries of the corporate world in an inspiring networking and experience-sharing session.

Motivational speaker Guillaume Gauthereau, who has coached executives at many successful firms in New York, shares his insights on leadership with us here.


How would you encapsulate the corporate business world?

 I came to realise that most companies struggle or fail not because of their business model or ideas, but because of leadership issues. It pushed me to look deeper into my own motivation and drive and ask the hard questions, like, “Why am I doing this work, how is this work serving a higher purpose, is my organisation aligned with my value system?”

To get the answers, first you need to take a journey of self-discovery and listen to and follow what your heart tells you.


How did you rediscover yourself?

It was years of searching, stripping away the layers of my beliefs, and facing my fear of being different and of being judged.

I finally discovered a new compass in life, which is my own heart, and it guided me to my purpose, led to compassion and self-love, despite the ups and downs in life. This ultimately pushed me to become who I am today.


What problems do business leaders tend to have in common?

The most common issues are depression, stress, anxiety, emotional instability and substance abuse. Very often these issues have a big impact on their personal lives, too. Recent studies have shown that 30 per cent of CEOs suffer from depression.


What causes these problems?

There are a quite a few causes, but it often comes down to lack of sleep, unhealthy habits, overextended professional and social lives, incapacity to create space for oneself, and the lack of self-development tools.

Leaders end up on a hamster wheel striving for success, money and fame that do not necessarily provide the fulfilment they expect from their success. The deeper calling in life is not known, and therefor it can’t be answered.


What is your coaching style?

My coaching does not separate professional life from personal life. We’re talking about a person’s life as a whole. I often incorporate traditional approaches and ancient wisdom, and sometimes spiritual practices.

The session is often grounded in self-observation and self-discovery, to create a path for self-transformation. I don’t believe in coaching methods that act like a Band-Aid because, however efficient that is, to truly transform, we need to dive into the root of the problem.


What will you be covering at this summit?

One of the key aspects I’ll talk about is tapping into our hearts to discover an unlimited source of happiness and power, and be able to fully discover our lives’ purposes and align our careers with it.

Other than that, it will be how to lead from the heart, how to create a team unified by common sense, what a spiritual advisory board is, how to retain millennials who seek for work-life balance, and how to create a sustainable business by connecting to something bigger than ourselves.


What can participants expect from this summit?

Our goal is that participants not only have an empowering time at the conference, but also leave with concrete, actionable tools to change their lives. It’s great to be inspired, but it’s even better if, once you are back in your “normal life”, you can create major changes.

We plan to have fun and make an awakening impact on the consciousness of the Thai leaders.


For more information and tickets, visit www.Eventbrite.com/e/elevating-purpose-ep17-summit-tickets-38779069240.