Four times the points, twice the convenience

event September 10, 2017 12:00

By The Nation

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Central’s credit card programme is inviting cardholders to amass four times the points on their 1 Cards when spending in department stores, hotels and restaurants.

The “Central The 1 Credit Card x4” campaign was launched recently by Atis Ruchirawat, managing director of General Card Services.

“Many credit card companies have special promotions that make it more beneficial for consumers to use credit cards rather than cash. In addition to special promotions, there are also discounts and point redemptions that allow users to redeem prizes or get cash back. More importantly, they can pay in installments,” Atis says.

“Central The 1 Credit Card offers up to 10-per-cent discount and up to 4 x The 1 Card points when spending at businesses under the Central Group umbrella. Card members should know about these benefits so that they do not miss out on the privileges they deserve. To make the best use of your credit card, you must have financial discipline and know your limit. Do not spend too much or end up in debt. Credit card is merely a tool that facilitates your spending.”

Young celebrities including Thitawat and Thanchanok Watcharothai, sisters Ploypayap and Pimpayap Srikarnchana, and Changnoi and Vista Kunjara Na Ayudhya were at the launch and talked about their personal experiences.

Business couple Thitawat and Thanchanok travel a lot, both around Thailand and overseas. “We don’t carry a lot of cash with us – it’s more convenient to use a credit card because it’s safe and we can earn points with our spending. We usually exchange our points for mileage towards plane tickets. Using a credit card also helps us keep track of our spending because we can see our statement every month,” they explained.

Sisters Ploypayap and Pimpayap also prefer not to carry about a lot of cash. “Making payments using a credit card is convenient and we can earn points. Some shops also offer special discounts for credit card buys.”

Changnoi and Vista add that they are always out and about on weekends as they have to take daughters Era and Aiyarin to extracurricular classes. “We also eat out a lot.  Sometimes we learn about new restaurants from the credit card’s newsletter. Some restaurants offer special discounts when using the credit card. Sometimes we also buy toys and clothes for the kids, so we spend quite a lot on weekends. Having a credit card really suits our lifestyle.”

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