Jongkol Palarit
Jongkol Palarit

Promoting women power

event August 12, 2017 12:54

By The Nation

Siam Discovery celebrates women power all this month with a campaign dubbed “I’m every woman” that encourage every woman to be whatever she wants without limits.

Usara Yongpiyakul, chief executive of Siam Piwat Retail Holding, said: “August is not only a month that’s important to all Thais, but also the month that represents women power. We have invited women who have proved their rime to create to be an inspiration for other women. Their stories will be told through online channels including a website, Facebook and Instagram of Siam Discovery.”

 Renowned fashion guru Jongkol Palarit says she might look strong outwardly but inside she is very sensitive. She has recently added motherhood to her responsibilities, but says that she doesn’t think mothers need to devote all their time to their children. “It’s really about time management. I think it’s important to balance the time for work and family, and prioritize, spending time playing with a child in the morning then putting all efforts into working while sparing time for the husband after the kids are in bed. A lot of mothers who work feel guilty that they give too little time to their children but we cannot change the way we work because we have a kid. So it is better to make a child understand that it has to be this way.”

Doctor and runner, Dr Samitada Sungkapo, a rehab doctor at Praram 9 Hospital who took care of Toon Bodyslam’s health during the “Kao Khon La Kao” (“One Step Each”) campaign, also runs the web page Goodhealth: good health, live smart.

“My main job is to cure patients who suffer from office syndrome. I also love running and know what concerns runners the most. If we work hard and exercise hard, we need to balance and get enough sleep; the best time is between 10pm and 2am. That makes the body really energetic, instead of getting to sleep late and waking up late.

“My passion for running has influenced my mom because she was always waiting for me to finish my run. In the end, she wanted to run as well so she wouldn’t waste time and would get fit. She started by walking and gradually accelerating speed and increasing distance until she could run a marathon. My mom and I, we run together. This is a proof that the elderly can run; they simply need more planning, training, tolerance, nutritional care, sleep and flexibility.”

Disaya Koragotchamas, vocalist of Kidnappers, says she has always suffered from panic attacks.

“I’ve been diagnosed with panic disorder, which is the result of a malfunction of neurotransmitters and needs to be treated. I used to be terrified to perform on stage but helped myself by practicing in front of people until I felt comfortable when in front of thousands of people. The more I appear on stage, the more I become accustomed to the crowds. Everything is about practice. If we’re always afraid, we’ll never overcome our problems.

“I also love diving and enjoy and outdoor activities and these days, friends ask me about the best skincare products and make-up to use when enjoying outdoor adventures.”

Bag and shoe designer Nasha Mekraksavanich gives off a supremely confident and fun-loving air and says she thrives on challenges. “People think of me as just a designer but I also have to work on other aspects of the company. I have to take charge of marketing, finance, and public relations. Each day, I have to wear several different hats in the company, which is quite a challenge and keeps me alert all the time.

“So when I’m at home, I literally take a rest—not using my smartphone or not even taking photos. It is really relaxation and makes me ready to go back to work. Whatever I do, I put all my effort into it. It is important to manage time and learn how to work and rest.

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