Love in a heartbeat

event August 08, 2017 17:18

By The Nation

The Emporium celebrates Mother’s Day this Saturday with “Live in the Moment”, a collaboration between artists Oat Montien and Jonas Dept that plays with the heartbeat and the connection between a mother and child in the womb through a sonic-visual performance and experience.

Taking place at E-Space on the Ground floor of the shopping complex, “Live in the Moment” sees mother and child being connected once more through the sound of the mother’s heartbeat amplified through a scientific apparatus, music, and live-drawing.

On Saturday (August 12), the artists will invite mother and child to be part of the performance, using a stethoscopic device to amplify mother’s heartbeat. The sound, which will come through speakers, will inspire and guide Jonas’ musical improvisation and in turn guide Oat’s live drawing and strokes on paper. The synergy between the three parties will enable the artists to capture a visual sonic “present”.

Celebrity mother-and-child pairs will be invited to partake in the experience, share an intimate moment and experience the “present” with Jonas and Oat. Members of the public spending more than Bt5,000 at Emporium Department Store can join by registering on the Facebook Official Fanpage @Emporium Department Store. Each performance will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.