Japanese shopping app to launch

business September 06, 2018 12:06

By The Nation

Grand Design has announced it is opening the Gotcha!mall in Thailand, a Japanese coupon web app, under the concept of “shopping is entertainment”.

Kazuya Ogawa, founder of Grand Design, said that Gotcha!mall is a platform that links consumers, retailers and famous brands on a smartphone. The platform is developed to satisfy the needs of a new generation, reach the target group broadly and create opportunities and advantages among the tough business competition. 

Currently, Gotcha!mall in Japan and Taiwan has a growth rate in the number of purchases of 332.1 per cent from 2017-18. Following its achievement, the company plans its service and operation expansion in Asean, starting from Thailand.

“As an Asean hub, Thailand provides a good opportunity in retail and online business expansion. Moreover, Thai consumers do online shopping because it is so convenient and fast,” he said.

Toshiya Matsuo, managing director of Grand Design, said consumers can receive an online coupon from https://th.gotchamall.com/and use it for a discount.