RS launches Lifestar BIZ direct sales

business January 16, 2018 01:00

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RS is expanding its Lifestar health and beauty business with the launch of Lifestar BIZ direct sales. RS’s Lifestar business saw sales rising more than 600 per cent last year. The Lifestar BIZ targets 10,000 persons applying to become its sales people in the first year.

This is expected to drive the revenue contribution from health and beauty business to reach Bt2.5 billion by the end of 2018, up 80 per cent from last year. 

The sharp rise of health and beauty revenue will push RS’ total revenue to hit its forcast of Bt5.3 billion this year. 


Mall looks to more quality

foreign customers 

MBK Center, the shopping mall of MBK Group, will focus on attracting quality tourists from India, China, and Russia to its premises this year. 

It is also pursuing online marketing to attract the new generation, especially foreign independent travelers, in the hope of expanding its customer base for continuous growth, said Siratha Suksawang, executive vice president for marketing division of MBK Plc.

"In 2018, the MBK Center is targeting the Asian and Muslim market. We plan to first start with India, China, Russia, and the CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam), as these markets have high potential and great purchasing power with its consistent economic growth," she added. 

"They are relatively large markets that are located fairly close to Thailand, allowing tourists from these countries repeat their visits to the shopping centre, while attracting new ones. Additionally, the shopping center also offers unique services to Muslim tourists, including various halal restaurants, prayer room, and tourists' lounge." “In 2018, not only will MBK Center maintain its current client base and continues to expand its foreign visitor volumn , it will also position its online marketing messages to the new generation who tends to travel solo. In 2017, the number of foreign visitors grew 12.7 per cent from the previous year, thanks to more visitors from Europe and Asia with the top countries being Germany, India, French, UK, and Australia,” added Siratha

SME exporters advised to 

buy FX option contract 

Pisit Serewiwattana, President of Export-Import Bank of Thailand (Exim Thailand), said the Thai baht has continued its uptrend in 2017 into the new year, most recently on January 12, 2018 when the Thai currency rose past the Bt32 mark, up 12 per cent, against the US dollar in the strongest surge in more than three years. This raised Thai baht ranking among the strongest currencies in the region. 

Thai exports in the first 11 months of 2017 recovered firmly to reach a growth of 10 per cent, in line with several other countries' double digit export growth despite their appreciating currencies: South Korea (won rose 13.4 per cent , 16.5 per cent export growth), Malaysia (ringgit 12.9 per cent higher, 15 per cent export growth), Taiwan (9.6 per cent in Taiwanese dollar, |13.1 per cent export growth), etc. 

 Although the stronger baht has not hurt Thai exports' price competitiveness, they have rendered exporters' baht income significantly lower. The authorities are most concerned with SME exporters who may be most impacted given their limited working capital and profit margins, thus more vulnerable to baht appreciation. 

He said that the baht future movement would be hard to predict given the current situation where several factors are in play besides economic fundamentals. Unpredictable factors like economic and monetary policies in developed countries like the USA, Europe and Japan; any possible geopolitical eruption of conflicts among countries; or asset speculations can all trigger massive swings in capital flows. 

The most effective way to hedge foreign exchange (FX) risks is therefore to buy FX option contracts, where exporters have the right to lock in (buy or sell) currencies at an agreed exchange rate. They will subsequently need not be concerned about losing income as a result of future baht strengthening, and may even gain profits by selling foreign currencies at the current spot rates when baht weakens. 

This is regarded as a currency pair hedging which allows exporters to gain maximum benefits. In addition, exporters may opt for trading forward contracts, or consulting with their financial institutions including EXIM Thailand, to manage FX risks more effectively. 

Bt2 tn income seen

from foreign travellers 

The Kasikorn Research Centre has projected that income from foreign tourists will reach Bt2 trillion this year.

It expects 38 million inbound tourists this year, up 6.5-7.5 per cent from 2017.

Incomes for the tourism industry is estimated to be between Bt1.97 trillion and Bt2.01 trillion. 

The centre said most tourists will come from East Asia, about 26 million of them, followed by seven million visitors from European countries.

Supalai plans 35 projects 

Listed property firm Supalai Plc plans to launch 35 new residential projects worth Bt40 billion this year.

Managing director Tritecha Tangmatithum told reporters yesterday the figure was not part of the anticipated Bt33 billion in revenues from presales this year.

The company reported presales worth Bt30.77 billion at the end of 2017, up 27 per cent from 2016.