PromptPay computer error causes frenzy on last day of 2017 as transfers fail

business January 01, 2018 01:00

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A TECHNICAL glitch knocked out the popular PromptPay money transfer service for seven hours yesterday morning, causing frenzies on social media, especially among people waiting for money transfers on the last day of 2017.

People on social media said money had been debited from their accounts using the government-sponsored platform but the recipients at the other end had not received the funds. That prompted the Bank of Thailand to issue a statement clarifying the situation in which it said a computer error transfiguring the last day of 2017 into that of 2018 had wreaked havoc.

According to Chantrawan Sujaritkul, the central bank’s spokesperson, the glitch happened at about 7am yesterday, after which Wanna Noparporn, managing director of National ITMX Co, which operates the PromptPay platform, said the problem would be fixed quickly.

The national money transfer service returned to normal at about 2.30pm yesterday. The central bank said users should not worry as everyone would receive their funds.