NEC releases new high-end HPC product line,

business October 29, 2017 09:13

By The Nation

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NEC Corporation has announced the launch of a new high-end HPC (high-performance computing) product line, the SX-Aurora Tsubasa.

This new platform drastically increases processing performance and scalability on real world applications, aiming for the traditional application areas, such as science and engineering, but also targeting the new fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics.

With this new technology, NEC says it has opened supercomputing to a wide range of new markets, in addition to the traditional HPC arena.

Utilising cutting-edge chip integration technology, the new product features a complete multi-core vector processor in the form of a card-type vector engine (VE), which is based on NEC’s high-density interface technology and efficient cooling technology.

Kimihiko Fukuda, executive vice president, NEC Corporation, said: “The new product addresses the needs of scalar computational capability while still providing the efficiency of a vector architecture.

“This is accomplished through a tightly integrated complete vector system in the form of a vector engine card. This new product line is not only binary compatible, it features the same hardware architecture and software environment, which is ideal for software developers and enables users to run the same application for a variety of systems.”

These systems range from a deskside tower to the largest high-end configuration, without having to make changes inside the application, Fukuda said.