Nestlé partners with 11street to boost e-commerce sales

business August 22, 2017 11:20

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The world's leading food and beverage company Nestlé has expanded its market presence online through a partnership with 11street Thailand, one of Thailand's largest and fastest growing online marketplaces.

In conjunction with the grand launch of Nestlé Official Store at 11street, Nestlé is offering special online deals "Grand Launch Promotion" with 25 per cent and 30 per cent bonus coupons for free download until August 31.

Yun Chang Sung, vice president of sales for 11street Thailand, said: "11street is committed to support traditional businesses to join the e-commerce movement, as it provides greater awareness as well as convenience for consumers today. 

“This partnership reflects our commitment to extend our product offerings while giving our shoppers confidence in purchasing authentic products from international brands."

Anat Julintron, sales director for Grocery, Nestlé (Thai), said: "11street presents an opportunity for businesses to grow together through its unique structure and ability to reach out to the online consumers effectively. 

“By partnering with 11street, Nestlé now offers another channel for consumers to enjoy our tastier and healthier products for individuals and families. Shoppers can now find their favorite products conveniently on 11street's website and mobile application."

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