UIH signs up with TCCtech’s data centre

business July 19, 2017 15:32

By The Nation

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United Information Highway (UIH), a pioneer in Thailand’s telecommunication industry, has selected TCCtech’s cloud-enabled data centre to transform its broadband business into a digital business and harness its top rank in the industry.

Sunti Medhavikul, senior deputy managing director of United Information Highway (UIH) revealed that “considering TCCtech has been a leading data centre services provider since it started, and the location is suitable for UIH’s network, UIH has decided on TCCtech’s data centre site as the most strategic location”.

In addition, UIH is planning to build more digital infrastructure (eg, network connectivity) that will require efficient data centre services from TCCtech. As for UIH’s own initiatives, it has a plan to improve its broadband services with an investment in the fibre railway, which has a distance of 2,600km along the state railway all over Thailand. This is on top of its current two fibre routes that provide a more reliable fibre network. Furthermore, the company is looking to provide advanced security services to integrate all infrastructure to future digital platform.

Voradis Vinyaratn, executive director and acting managing director of TCC Technology, said: “To strengthen the country’s competitiveness in the digital era, it is necessary for IT infrastructure providers to put their best efforts to share their best resources, experiences and knowledge together. TCCtech is pleased to collaborate with strategic connectivity provider UIH, who could leverage TCCtech’s data centre for their connectivity-based services to more value-added managed network, IT solutions/security, and cloud services in response to Thailand’s transition to a digital economy.”

As the market is now more knowledgeable about solution offerings for data centre services, companies are recognising now more than ever that outsourcing is an alternative for in-house data centre operations. Outsourcing provides the benefits of cost and asset optimisation and increasing work process efficiency. This will be the future for more and more companies in the Thai market.