THAI's measures against Ebola

business August 04, 2014 18:59

By The Nation

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In fighting against the spread of Ebola virus, Thai Airways International has put in place the preventive measures adopted during the SARS outbreak in 2003 and during the bird flu outbreak in 2004.

Sqn.Ldr. Pongpeera Paisarnkulwong, vice president of Aviation Safety, Security & Standards, said that the measures are applied on board and on the ground, while the Public Health Ministry's latest update is closely monitored. 
He added that the measures in place during the SARS outbreak in 2003 and during the bird flu outbreak in 2004 were exercised.  Those measures resulted in prevention of the spread of the outbreaks, earning THAI a commendation from the World Health Organisation (WHO).  
He noted that THAI does not operate to any of the three African countries – New Guinea, Sierra Leon, and Liberia - which experienced the outbreak of the Ebola virus.  To the continent, THAI operates to only Johannesburg in South Africa, which has not had any reports on the outbreak.  
THAI preventive measures include:
-  Observing and screening of passengers on the ground during check-in and before boarding the aircraft; any passenger with unusual sign of sickness must have a physician’s certificate
-  Observing of passengers throughout the flight
-  Spray disinfecting the aircraft interior while on the ground 
-  Deep cleaning of the aircraft interior and 36 additional touch points within the cabin
-  Monitoring the health of aircraft employees, providing them with protective gear, and ensuring employees receive information
-  Increasing inspection of packages and good transported in cargo, and avoiding transport of goods deemed to be of risk
-  Maintaining and ensuring the cleanliness, selection, and preparation of foods so there is no risk of being a carrier of the virus