Katanyu sales go to education fund

business April 29, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Through 36 years of successful business as the producer of Cute Press and Oriental Princess and the distributor of CNC food supplements, SSUP Group takes this opportunity to express gratitude to Thai society through a new business initiative.


Walai-Wiroj for Society (2010) Co Ltd was established with a registered capital of Bt30 million, as a social enterprise distributing Katanyu-branded consumer products. Katanyu drinking water will be the first product as it is a necessity of life and all profits will go to the Katanyu for Thai Education Fund.
Chairat Hiranyavasit, business consultant of SSUP Group, said "Walai-Wiroj for Society (2010) is a social enterprise with a clear objective of improving society in the area of education with the profit generated from the sales of Katanyu consumer products."
The company plans to establish as many Katanyu points of sale as it can, probably 2,000 this year, aside from chillers in all Bangkok districts, which would require an investment of Bt30 million. A model has already been developed to seek partners who wish to take part in its social contribution initiative. Potential partners can be retail stores, private organisations as well as public agencies, which can contact the company at 02-660-8999 or
Chairat envisions that this network would be extended nationwide in three years’ time. This will boost profits, which cover Bt0.50 from sales of bottled water and net profit at year end.
Katanyu for Thai Education Fund focuses on the development of instructional innovation. In 2012, 10 projects will be granted Bt200,000 each. The social contribution is believed to be an element compelling the consumers to buy Katanyu products.
According to Chairat, despite the fact that the Katanyu brand shares the same goal of growth as other business entities, the difference lies in the initiative where Katanyu will work for the collective strength of the communities by providing individuals with access to basic consumer items, regardless of their background, gender or age.
"A committee of qualified individuals has been appointed to screen candidate projects to ensure that every single baht and satang spent will result in utmost benefit to Thai education circles. This is how an intellectual society is created and how sustainable development of the country can be achieved, one generation after another," he concluded.