Photo by: Sophon TV
Photo by: Sophon TV

Pattaya beach: "black and horrible”

Breaking News May 09, 2019 16:55

By The Thaiger

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Sophon TV has reported on the state of Pattaya’s beaches and said a 2.6km stretch was a “filthy mess” with a travel operator blaming tourists.

“From north to south Pattaya the beach is a disgrace”, according to Sophon TV. “The water is black and horrible.”

It said the tide line was strewn with plastic bags, bottles, foam containers and other rubbish.

Ladda Limkun, a beach operator, blamed tourists.

“People who eat and drink on the beach just don’t clean up after themselves. And tourists on boat trips just toss their trash in the sea, meaning it washes up on the shore. The authorities have been slow to react to the latest eyesore of rubbish,” she added.


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