One death and three injuries in southern shootings

Breaking News April 26, 2019 11:25

By The Nation

One person was killed and three others injured in two separate shootings in the southernmost province of Pattani on Thursday evening.

In Sai Buri district, a Narathiwat-based paramilitary ranger volunteer Pathompong Kaewthong, 24, and his wife Nureehan Dengla, 22, were shot and wounded in Tambon Kadunong while riding home on their motorcycle after shopping at a local market. 

Two men on another motorcycle overtook them on Sai Buri-Kapor Road and the passenger shot Pathompong in the head. A stray bullet also hit Nureehan's right leg. 

Police found that Pathompong was on leave and visiting his wife's hometown - they suspect that the assailants had been monitoring him for a while because he worked for the state military and launched a gun attack on him as part of the ongoing unrest in the South.

In Yarang district, ice-cream vendor Rosadee Nidae, 45, was shot dead at 6pm after parking his tricycle at the Jeh Bo Ngor Market in Tambon Khao Toom. A stray bullet also hit the knee of a bystander, papaya salad vendor Kholiyoh Manging, 54. 

Police found that the shooter had brazenly walked among the shoppers, then pulled out a gun and shot Rosadee twice before fleeing with an accomplice, who had kept his motorcycle running so they could make a speedy getaway. 

Police are trying to establish if the second attack stemmed from the ongoing unrest or from a personal conflict.

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