Blacktip reef sharks found outside Phuket seafood restaurant

Breaking News January 07, 2019 18:30

By The Thaiger

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There are now two places where you can reliably see blacktip reef sharks – off the shores of Maya Bay, and hanging in front of a restaurant in Karon.

Two blacktips have been discovered hanging in front of a seafood restaurant at Karon Beach.

Facebook user “Sunshine Sketcher” on Monday posted a photo with the message: “This photo has been taken at a seafood restaurant at Karon Beach. It has been shared in a foreign divers’ media group, who are curious that this can be done? … Seafood restaurants like this are on the increase.

“Seafood restaurants now [also] use live sharks to attract foreign customers. In this picture are two [dead] blacktip reef sharks, which are the same [type of] sharks as found at Maya Bay. Another one looks like a shark ray.”

Meanwhile, local marine expert Thon Thamrongsawat commented on the picture, saying, “These fish haven’t been protected yet by law, even if they are being banned for catching in the protected area. If they were caught, we cannot prove where they have been caught.”

Blacktip reef sharks are now frequently spotted at the recovering Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi in Phuket.


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