Problem solved: Thai man swears he won’t touch Cambodian wife’s lottery windfall

Breaking News September 03, 2018 12:47

By The Nation

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A dispute between a Cambodian woman and her Thai husband in Rayong was resolved on Monday when the man gave his word in front of police that he wouldn’t touch the Bt6 million she’d won in a lottery.

Paitoon, 39, whose surname was withheld, told police he only signed his name to the back of his wife’s first-prize-winning lottery ticket in case it were misplaced and someone else tried to claim it.

He had no intention of demanding a share in the winning, he said.

The signature is what sent Huen, 38, to the police station on Sunday. She said he refused to let her sign her ticket.

But she bought it with her own money, was in Thailand legally and bought the ticket legally and her husband had no right to share in the proceeds, she said.

She’d called him home on Saturday to tell him she’d won big and he immediately signed his name on the ticket, Huen said.

“I swear I just signed it to prevent it from getting lost,” Paitoon insisted to police, and his wife could keep all the money.

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