Man says all he wants is the friendship of the ‘umbrella lady’

Breaking News August 31, 2018 01:00

By The Star
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KOTA KINABALU: The man known only as “Gan”, who put up a classified ad in a local daily here in search of an “umbrella lady” he had briefly met, is not worried if she turns out to be someone’s wife.

Gan said he genuinely wants to be friends with her as he believes that she is a kind and wonderful person.

He said this was the first and last impression she gave him when they met while queuing for their turn to vote on during May 9 general election.

“I am not concerned whether or not she is married, I just want to meet her again and be friends, or maybe we can even be family friends,” Gan told The Star on Thursday (Aug 30).


“I am not losing hope yet,” he added.

Gan said he chose to withhold personal information about himself to the public because he does not want people to play pranks on him.

He said he was also afraid of scammers.

“I'm sure the woman will know if I'm talking about her. That is all that matters,” he said.

Gan also expressed surprise and gratitude to social media users and the public who are sharing his news and attempts to find the woman.

“I am overwhelmed by the online help and sharing received following the classified ad and news publication,” he said.

He said he has his good friends to thank for in encouraging him to put up the ad. “I have been talking to them about this woman for the past three months.

“They have always encouraged and advised me to do something about it, and to go ‘all out’ to find her,” Gan said.

On May 9, Gan was waiting under the hot sun when the woman approached with her umbrella and shared it with him.

They started chatting “like old friends despite not even knowing each other”, he said.

Gan added that they had to part ways when it was their turn to vote and he did not get the chance to get her number.

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