Millions of soldier crabs return to Krabi

Breaking News August 30, 2018 18:30

By The Thaiger

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Millions of soldier crabs have once again been spotted cavorting around Klong Sai Din Dang Noi Beach in Muang Krabi following a three-year absence.

Niwat Wattanayommanaphon, a committee member of the Krabi conservationist group, said: “Soldier crabs were last seen three years ago, but have shown up again this year. They are about 1cm wide and its shell is bright orange. We can spot them during low tide.”

Soldier crabs are thought to seek out the beach due to the high quantities of plankton which they eat. Niwat said the sightings are encouraging. “The presence of these crabs also indicates that marine life is thriving in this popular tourist area. Conserving their ecosystem should be a priority.”


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