Old cannon unearthed

Breaking News August 26, 2018 19:09

By The Nation

Sanam Luang yields venerable battlefield relic

A cannon that could be two centuries old has been unearthed in Bangkok’s Sanam Luang by workers installing pipes. 

Culture Minister Vira Rojpojchanarat said on Sunday the cannon had already been examined and was measured at 305 centimetres in length. 

“It’s the type used in wars,” he said. “There are holes to put ropes through so it would be easier to move around the battlefield.”

Vira said the government’s Fine Arts Department would ask His Majesty the King for permission to keep the cannon as a valuable antique.

Sanam Luang, the historic royal ground, is under the supervision of the Royal Household Bureau.

“We have found such ancient cannon before and they’ve been kept in museums,” Vira said. 


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