Nature tours reopen on Phuket canal after clean-up

Breaking News August 25, 2018 01:00

By The Thaiger

Water quality in the Mudong Canal in Wichit is starting to return to normal while tourists are back on sailing tours along the canal.

Residents along the Phuket waterway have been calling for officials to clean up the filthy canal after wastewater was found flowing into the canal and out to the sea. 

Dead animals were also found floating in the canal.

The Phuket authorities reported that on Wednesday the dissolved oxygen (DO) index was very low at 0.03-0.5 milligrams per litre.

Yesterday (Thursday), officials from the Environment Office Region 15 Phuket inspected the canal again. They reported that water quality had improved.

“The water is clearer than before and the bad smell is not there anymore. No dead shrimp, crabs and fish have been found floating,” the office said. 

DO was measured along the canal.


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