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Rayong man arrested for stealing and abusing dog

Breaking News August 21, 2018 09:21

By The Nation

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A security officer of a factory in Rayong province was arrested on Monday evening for allegedly stealing a mother dog for the purposes of sexually abusing it, leaving its eight 10-day-old puppies to starve.

Police found the man, identified only as Somchai, working at the factory in Tambon Ban Na, Klaeng district.

He admitted stealing the dog and police took him to his rented room and returned the dog to its owners to feed the puppies. The owner had earlier had to feed the puppies with bottled milk.

The owner had filed a complaint with Ban Phe police, telling them that Somchai was last seen visiting the dog on August 16 before it disappeared.

The owner alleged that Somchai was once seen sexually abusing the dog and he once took the dog home in the morning and returned it in the evening.

Somchai denied having abused the dog sexually. He said he simply loved it and wanted to take care of it.

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