Ho Chi Minh City asks for military land to be reviewed

Breaking News August 20, 2018 09:45

By Viet Nam News
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Ho Chi Minh City authorities recently asked for joint-ministerial collaboration to review all military-controlled land currently being used for commercial purposes.

According to a report by the HCM City People's Committee submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MoNRE), the city’s Military Command currently manages 64 tracts of land with a total area of 3.1 million sqm while the city’s border guards held about 113,000 sqm.

This land is primarily used for military purposes – camps and barracks, deployment of defence systems, training grounds and historical landmarks.

Monitoring land controlled by the military and other defence forces is down to the municipal department of environment, but the People's Committee does not receive reports from the department.

“The utilisation of military-controlled land for commercial purposes was decided by the Ministry of National Defence (MoD). Joint-circulars on the management and inspection of these areas have not been established between the defence ministry, environment ministry and local governments, resulting in difficulties in stock-taking efforts,” read the report by the municipal People’s Committee.

HCM City authorities have asked the MoNRE and the MoD to direct units and agencies to review the commercialisation of military land within HCM City, and submit their findings to the Government.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc issued a directive asking for improved land management.

Local governments and concerned ministries, especially MoNRE and MoD, were told to inspect the management of military land throughout the country and submit their reports to the Government leader before November 30.

Any wrongful use of military land, illegal renting of military land, or infringement of military land due to lax oversight would be “strictly dealt with” and the leaders of those areas would be held accountable, he said.

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