Singha pairs up with Bar B Q Plaza to create new Masita seaweed snack

Breaking News August 07, 2018 15:56

By The Nation

Singha Corp has teamed up with Bar B Q Plaza and unveiled a new Masita seaweed snack flavour, Grilled Bacon with Bar B Q Plaza Sauce.

The new product is set to penetrate the Thai teen market by overtaking both the conventional snack shelf and extending the brand’s distribution channel to Bar B Q Plaza restaurant chains with a Korean Side Dish set.

Thitiporn Thammabhimookul, marketing director of non-alcohol business at Singha Corp, said on Tuesday that the group’s Masita brand had always focused on quality seaweed and various flavours such as Original, Spicy, Barbecue, Larb and Tomyum to appeal to teenagers, who are the brand’s core target.

Masita is now embarking on a new journey by collaborating with Thailand’s No-1 barbecue restaurant chain, Bar B Q Plaza, the executive said. 

These two brands will come together to offer a completely new flavour, Grilled Bacon with Bar B Q Plaza Sauce, by combining the unique flavour of Bar B Q Plaza’s sauce with fried seaweed and expanding the new experience of taste for new product trials.

Bar B Q Plaza will also be bringing its iconic brand mascot Barbegon to Masita’s packaging and brand to help attract teen and first-jobber consumers age 12-25 to taste the new product, Thitiporn said.

This collaboration with Bar B Q Plaza will both help diversify Masita’s brand portfolio and differentiate Masita from other competitors in the market, he added.

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